David Lusick's mission is to bridge the gap between low-income and or incarcerated individuals who do not otherwise qualify for free legal services, yet cannot afford the high cost price gouging of attorneys.


From that perspective, David started Legal-Eagles and began offering a unique batch of legal, online, and tax services to the under-served.


The professional staff at legal-Eagles helps navigate the pitfalls of the criminal justice system from beginning to end.


Everyday tens of thousands of individuals are released from prison, on parole or probation, or who are just regular citizens struggling through a divorce or facing eviction from a slumlord.


Legal-Eagles performs quasi-judicial investigations into cold case files as well as assist attorneys with active cases. The team has done process service of lawsuits, tax preparation, prison condition investigations,  and spoken at various advocate rallies and protests in Philadelphia.


One of David's most proudest victories was winning a $10,000 dollar judgment and possession case against a landlord who owns the Hotel Carlisle here in Philadelphia for a 72 yr old Grandmother on disability benefits.


David has come up with his own quote to describe the work that he does based on a story about Michael Jordan, the all time greatest player in the N.B.A. Michael Jordan rendered one of the worst performances in history during a three point competition.


David came up with the quote "All failures are just practice shots" due to Jordan going on to be viewed as the greatest despite the performance.