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Help Kevin & sign this Petition on so he can be properly re-sentenced.


This petition is requesting your support in the resentencing of Kevin Andrews #MR6832, at SCI Chester who the court ordered to serve 66 years in state prison. Kevin was convicted of a nonviolent drug offense, by an all-white jury, in rural Pennsylvania. He promptly appealed his sentence, and, after painstaking litigation, the prosecutor is offering Mr. Andrews a reduced sentence of 20 years. We believe this is an outrageous, inhumane and disproportionate sentence for a nonviolent offense. The court has deferred sentencing for 90 days, allowing both parties to negotiate a fair term. For this reason, we need your help. We're trying to collect 25,000 signatures in an attempt to show the judge that Kevin's life has value. During the seven years of his incarceration, Kevin has taken full advantage of the educational programs available in the prison where he's being held. He's earned credits towards a degree and has completed courses with colleges and universities, such as St. Joes, Widner, and Villanova. He's also a candidate for the Pell Grant program, which will help him acquire an associate degree. Over the years, Kevin has maintained enrollment in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition & Refrigeration), which is a trade that he can utilize upon his reentry into society. Moreover, Kevin has completed "Thinking For A Change", which is a program designed to help individuals with the decision making process. He also completed W.R.A.P. (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) - a program created to help individuals when they're unwell. Mr. Andrews is currently on the waiting list to become a Certified Peer Support Specialist, and he serves as a mentor at SCI Chester, helping younger prisoners understand the importance of their role in society and the impact that they can have in the community.


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JFK Justice for Kevin Andrews

Mr. Andrews, was trained to be an essential worker during the pandemic, and has played a critical role in keeping the general population inside of the prison safe. While the commonwealth will be arguing for a longer …


Dana Lomax-Williams

1 week ago

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Lorraine Haw·3 weeks ago

He shouldn't have gotten so many years! He deserves to be home! NOW!





Rhea Kelley·2 days ago

Insane this man ever was in prison. Why not rehab and community service? Give this man his life back!




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