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Dave has helped my son Eric and nephew Ronald obtain their stimulus money when nobody else would. He also privately assisted my attorney with my car accident lawsuit. He is a trusted professional at what he does!

Richard Small

Dave helped me get my stimulus check while at Sci-Forest and many others here at the prison. He is a stand up guy and does what he says.

Tyreek Hall

I want to personally thank with my sons matter. They were definitely dependable and courteous! 

Millie Dixon

I want to personally thank with my sons matter. They were definitely dependable and courteous! 


I hired legal-eagles to take care of a few legal issues and they were very prompt and took care of all my needs, answered my questions, and were willing to explain the legal side of the issue for me. I highly recommend this service to anyone who had a problem with the justice system. I would absolutely hire legal-eagles again.

Channon Henry

I am in the Feds and Dave helped me post my profile to a penpal site. I am now receiving letters. My time is going fast now and I have so much to look forward too.

Robert Hartley

I was anxious about a lawsuit and not knowing what to do or how to go about it Legal-eagle was recommended Thank God! Dave was warm, friendly and very professional I was relieved and felt the pressure lift off my shoulders I wanted and needed the pressure to subside and after meeting with Dave, I managed to get that and more info then I ever thought I even needed Thank you 🙏🏼

Jo-Ann M

Mr. Lusick helped me with a motion for an extension of time. He was prompt and helpful. He was more than sufficient at what he does. I got the most that I could get out of my motion because of his expertise! Thanks be to Mr. Lusick and Legal-Eagles!

Paul Katonka

Dave was very helpful ,he assisted my fiancé with his stimulus filing which was a big help. Thanks so much again Dave!

Brittany B

David help my husband get hus stimulus check and he has also been a huge asset in helping with a lawsuit my husband is filing. He responds in a very timely fashion and has gone above and beyond. We highly recommend David for legal assistance :)

Justin E.

David is fantastic to work with ur legal issues! He has been more patient in every aspect! David has answered in a timely manner whether it was a tex or a call! David has attempted to reach out to my son attorney who was not responding to my son calls knowing he’s in carsarated! After a few attempts my son Attoney responded to David! Which the attorney allegedly file a claim he done! David has explain issues in the legal way that I was not law savvy with! David also gave my son some legal advise that my son needed as a second opinion! He also assisted my son & Newphew with they stimulus before the expired deadline! Not to mention we was on count dwn within a few hours! David gets the job done! You can count on him! You definitely will be pleased with the services & time! Never once sounded like he was too busy or rush you off the phone! He’s one of a kind! I hope there’s many more like David! I will recommend him in every aspect in legal advise & services especially when you feeling you running in a road block! Awesome & great! I was very pleased then and even now! Keep the great work up! Susan!😊


I reached out to Dave at the request of my incarcerated love one for help. They haven’t received their tax return or their stimulus money. Dave was able to get him his money. Dave also been very wonderful in helping us with other issues we are dealing with legally at the moment. Dave was always professional, respectful, knowledgeable, dependable and available every time we reached out to him and he walked thur every step of the process. My family & I will be forever grateful to Dave and his company. We are so blessed to have legal eagle on our side. Thank you Dave and legal eagle for all your help and support from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend Dave and his company to anyone that is dealing with the justice system I will definitely hire him for any services I may need in the future

Catherine & Sidney

I am very grateful to Legal-Eagles. David contacted my landlord at Hotel Carlisle. He arranged for me to be provided with an air-condition unit. I live in a small room with my mother and brother and the heat was unbearable. Thank you David!

Catherine & Sidney

David has been very helpful when ever I needed legal information or resources. I’m an advocate for inmates and I can say it has been with guidance and knowledge that has allowed me to be the best advocate I can be. And his website has made it so much easier to get the tools I need.

Salena Coca

Thanking him for helping us with IRS situation. He is a very standard guy and does what he says he is going to do and I really appreciate him my husband says thank you and so do I . Thanks!

Salena Coca

Very nice and helpful I would highly recommend them to anyone


Mr. Lusick is very knowledgeable and polite. He is very helpful and I will definitely be recommending his services to those who may be in need.


My son is currently incarcerated in a state facility. He needed help getting his stimulus money, so he contacted David. I'm pleased to say that he has received it and is very excited about the service and advice. Thank you and may God bless you 🙏 Nellie

Nellie Wright

Dave Lusick great guy the best paralegal I have seen in a long time, fights for justice for the injustice and has my blessings!

Richard Small

Mr. Lusick was and is very professional and knowledgeable I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice.

Kim S.

Mister Dave Lusick is very professional take the time to listen and treat you like person a good man to do business with and have understanding of what he's talking about.

Mequila Edwards

I have known Dave for over a year now and he is a very good person. He has helped me with various legal problems. He will do everything he can to help you, it's just the type of person he is. If you are having legal problems do not hesitate to contact him, he will help you!

Channon H.

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