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Eagle Scout Directory/Resources Logo (2).png proudly welcomes former State Secretary of Pardons Mr. Brandon Flood

Mr. Flood is the founder of 

The firm offers reentry based services pro bono until Dec 2022

These wonderful ladies Urell and Florence offer low income individuals tax preparation and are certified with the I.R.S

They also do notaries and financial counseling.

Hosted by Yokefellowship ministry. A publishing platform for returning citizens who have become successful after release.

David is a returning citizen who is now a lobbyist for criminal justice reform. He is employed by and is a professional speaker.

ELPS private investigations

Jeff Stein is Ceo and founder. They offer services to those fighting their convictions and work with clients on their PCRA's.

You may contact

They offer housing and employment for low income and homeless persons in Philadelphia

Lisa is the new communications director at Legal Eagles. She is a personal lobbyist and criminal justice reform advocate. She has a former nursing background..

Free classes on starting your own business for returning citizens. Contact Charley Bradley.

Work with Karima, local Phila resident, to redesign your website. She is a wix legend expert. She is also a marketing strategist.

Lobbyist organization that sponsors bills for justice reform in Pennsylvania

Michael Kessler M.D is founder and Ceo of the above Superior Paralegals. he is very knowledgable and has a erudite mind for the law.

Uhuru furniture located at 832 N. Broad st, Philadelphia

open Wed-Sun 11 a.m-6 p.m. Wonderful staff. All proceeds go to charity and low income citizens.

Free tax preparer for low income citizens in Philadelphia

Printing services 10 cents a page.

Located at 900 N. Broad st

Features returning citizens entrepeneurs


The Lenny host live music and food organized by Penelope Grimes  located  at 1600 Ridge ave


mentors for entrepeneurs

Project Home Dentist located 2144 Cecil B Moore

Tele# 215-320-6187

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