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Welcome to our firm. Legal-Eagles is now partnering with Lisa Maye Grant to offer custom parole and commutation services.  Lisa belongs to many advocacy groups and is a big supporter of The package  includes but are not limited to a custom social bio of who the parole candidate was and who he is today. Comes complete with a color collage of photos, legal version of the case, a criminal extract of the candidates prior history, support letters, home plan referral and much more. Check out our product page for a visual of a custom color collage.

Forging a Path to Justice, Legal-Eagles Founder David Lusick and Da Larry Krasner cross paths!

In a world where the pursuit of justice often faces obstacles and challenges, there are individuals who stand as beacons of hope, tirelessly working to bring about meaningful change. Legal Eagles founder David Lusick and Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner are two such trailblazers who recently converged at the Charles Foundation's 12th Annual Family and Friends Day, shedding light on a future where justice prevails.

The Charles Foundation's event was a celebration of unity, compassion, and progress. Families, friends, and advocates gathered to connect, share stories, and collaborate on strategies to create a more equitable society. Against this backdrop, Lusick and Krasner took center stage, their presence a testament to the power of collective effort in shaping a brighter tomorrow.

David Lusick, a visionary legal mind and founder of Legal Eagles, has long been an advocate for justice reform. With a passion for ensuring that every individual's rights are upheld, Lusick's commitment to a fair and just legal system is unwavering. His organization, Legal Eagles, has become a driving force in championing the rights of the marginalized and underserved, working tirelessly to address systemic inequalities.

Larry Krasner, the progressive District Attorney of Philadelphia, is no stranger to pushing boundaries. His bold initiatives and steadfast dedication to criminal justice reform have garnered both praise and controversy. Krasner's creation of the Conviction Integrity Unit and his commitment to addressing root causes of crime exemplify his holistic approach to justice – one that aims not only to punish but also to heal and prevent.

The convergence of Lusick and Krasner at the Charles Foundation's event underscored the power of collaboration between like-minded visionaries. As they shared their insights, experiences, and aspirations, their combined efforts illuminated a path forward, where the pursuit of justice is a collective endeavor that transcends individual differences.

The 12th Annual Family and Friends Day served as a reminder that positive change is within reach, fueled by the passion and dedication of individuals who dare to challenge the status quo. As David Lusick and Larry Krasner continue to forge a path to justice, their presence at the Charles Foundation's event serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to join the movement and work towards a future where justice prevails for all.

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