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Navigating Mobile Home Park Closures: Cindy Hoffer's Journey to

In the realm of legal challenges, few things can be as unsettling as the closure of a mobile home park. For individuals like Cindy Hoffer, who find themselves grappling with the impending sale and appraisal of their mobile homes, the need for professional legal guidance becomes paramount. In this blog post, we will delve into Cindy's story and her visit to our office at as she sought assistance in navigating the complex terrain of mobile home park closures.

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

Cindy Hoffer, a resident of Kutztown, Pennsylvania, was living a peaceful life in her mobile home for fifty (50) years until she received a sudden and alarming notice. The owner of the mobile home park where she had resided for years had decieded to close the park and sell the land. Looking back, Cindy saw the writing on the wall. The owner had let the park degrade by allowing tenants in who were not screened, did not have insurance, etc. Facing uncertainty and unfamiliar with the intricacies of property appraisals and sales, Cindy embarked on a journey to find the right legal support.

Chapter 2: Discovering

With her mobile home's future in the balance, Cindy turned to a close friend Justin Chambers who was also going through the same process at the park. Justin conducted thorough research and read numerous positive reviews about Legal-Eagles.

Chapter 3: The Consultation

Impressed by and the effective communication and timely responses to her questions, Cindy decided to make the trip to their office. She scheduled a consultation with the firms assistant Sherry morrison. During the meeting, Cindy expressed her concerns, shared relevant documents, photographs, and described the issues in detail.

Chapter 4: Understanding the Legal Landscape

At the firm's office, Cindy spoke with David, the firm's Founder and Ceo, who provided her with an overview and strategy for the path forward. He explained the importance of negotiating for the higher of the two appraisals Cindy had obtained and elucidated the steps for negotiating with the mobile home park owner.

Chapter 5: The Strategy

Armed with a deeper understanding of the legal landscape, David helped Cindy formulate a strategy tailored to her specific circumstances. They discussed potential options, including engaging in demand letters, follow up calls, and direct negotiation to protect Cindys rights.

Chapter 6: Light at the End of the Tunnel

While the journey was undoubtedly challenging, and is not over yet, Cindy found solace and assurance in the expertise and dedication of With their support, she gained the confidence to face the uncertain future of her mobile home head-on. Regardless of the final outcome, Cindy knew that she has a team of legal eagles fighting tirelessly for her rights and best interests.


Cindy Hoffer's experience with the closure of her mobile home park and subsequent visit to underscores the importance of seeking professional legal assistance in times of uncertainty. Mobile home park closures can be emotionally and legally complex, requiring expert guidance to navigate the intricate web of appraisals, negotiations, and potential legal actions,. As Cindy's story exemplifies, provides the help she needed.

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