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Welcome to our firm. Legal-Eagles is now partnering with Lisa Maye Grant to offer custom parole and commutation services.  Lisa belongs to many advocacy groups and is a big supporter of The package  includes but are not limited to a custom social bio of who the parole candidate was and who he is today. Comes complete with a color collage of photos, legal version of the case, a criminal extract of the candidates prior history, support letters, home plan referral and much more. Check out our product page for a visual of a custom color collage.

What is the Rule of Law: Written By: Nancy O'Neill of Peace River, ALBERTA CANADA.

What is the Rule of Law?

The core value of the Rule of Law is to set a governance that is equal to all. Accountability, and how the government enacts laws is to be in an open and transparent manner. It is important that laws are known, clear and are applied equally to all persons. The law will govern the actions of private persons, the government, and their relationships to each other. It is of vital importance the courts will apply the law independently of political or outside influences.

How does the Rule of Law impact you!

There must be equality under the law. Some vital aspects are that every person is innocent until proven guilty and you have the right to obtain legal representation. It is vital that your lawyer represent you to the highest standards under the Law. You are entitled to a trial by a jury of your peers, who are unbiased to the circumstances of your case.

Learn about the Charter of Rights & Freedoms versus the Bill of Rights!

The first 10 amendments to the federal constitution, all of which were adopted in 1791, are generally referred to as the Bill of Rights. (This needs to be reviewed and revised to reflect the changes in society). The Canadian Charter or Rights and Freedoms is the equivalent to US Bill of Rights.

How does the United States Bill of Rights differ from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

The Charter is a much broader human rights law. It also has greater power because it applies to both federal, provincial laws and actions. And unlike the Bill of Rights, the Charter is part of the Constitution — the highest law of the land. (There must be transparency for all persons in any country, ease of accessibility to resources and guidance with respect to procedures under the Rule of Law!

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Curtis Andrews
Curtis Andrews
Sep 23, 2023

I love the support team behind these movements!!! Thanks alot and this is a wonderful opportunity to connect all countries in need of assistance in providing a secure service for there humanity rights as a individual!!! God bless you all!!!

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