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Welcome to our firm. Legal-Eagles is now partnering with Lisa Maye Grant to offer custom parole and commutation services.  Lisa belongs to many advocacy groups and is a big supporter of The package  includes but are not limited to a custom social bio of who the parole candidate was and who he is today. Comes complete with a color collage of photos, legal version of the case, a criminal extract of the candidates prior history, support letters, home plan referral and much more. Check out our product page for a visual of a custom color collage.

How to make a Pro Bono Attorney work for you.

Samantha Barnes tried everything. She contacted the Bar Association. She searched for an attorney on Google. But she could not find anyone to help her fiancee file a sentence modification petition.

Eventually, through word of mouth, Samantha found an attorney who was willing to provide Pro Bono help. (Basically for free) But it was not all peaches and cream.

After a long period of phone calls with the attorney, the sentence modification had not been filed. Samantha was beginning to feel disheartened.

As a last resort, Samantha reached out to Legal-Eagles for help.

Legal-Eagles was able to reach an agreement with all parties to commence work on filing the petition. Specifically the attorney ag

reed to work with Legal-Eagles in filing the petition within ten (10) days. Read Samantha's testimonial below.

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Thanks Dave I’m glad I was able to refer her to you and she was satisfied

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