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Welcome to our firm. Legal-Eagles is now partnering with Lisa Maye Grant to offer custom parole and commutation services.  Lisa belongs to many advocacy groups and is a big supporter of The package  includes but are not limited to a custom social bio of who the parole candidate was and who he is today. Comes complete with a color collage of photos, legal version of the case, a criminal extract of the candidates prior history, support letters, home plan referral and much more. Check out our product page for a visual of a custom color collage.

Sneak peek behind the scenes case how Legal Eagles resolved a clerk's snafu!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

When Dante Jackson filed his own appeal from a P.C.R.A in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania he won a remand of Judge Ann Marie Coyle's dismissal in Philadelphia.

Judge Ann Marie Coyle was instructed to issue an order allowing Dante to amend his P.C.R.A (basically start over again) see Commonwealth v Dante Jackson CP-51-CR-0010883-2012

However, the data entry clerk for the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia entered the wrong information. Instead of entering "Appeal remanded" she entered "Appeal affirmed".

Dante and his attorney Laura Wimmer, esq could not figure out why the court would not respond to their letters and motions.

Over a year went by. Nothing transpired in the case.

It was then that Legal Eagles made numerous phone calls to the P.C.R.A unit and Appeals unit clerks, reviewed the dockets, and contacted Ms. Penelope Graves.

Ms. Penelope Graves, legal clerk III in Philadelphia, was able to contact the judge in her chambers and have her issue an order that Dante has sixty (60) days to file his Amended P.C.R.A

Since then Legal Eagles has assisted Dante amend his P.C.R.A and file a copy with judge Ann Marie Coyle. Legal-Eagles requested a eviden

tiary hearing and in camera review of discovery in the case.

At Legal Eagles we never give up. Nothing is more important than loyalty to our clients. We truly are in this together!

Snafu resolved!

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Tammie Lawson
Tammie Lawson
Dec 18, 2022


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